SolutionsAirtable Image Automation

Pull data from your Airtable to generate images from your templates.

Minimal effort

Generate images from Airtable data

Fill your custom template dynamically with data from your Airtable records. Generated images are populated back into your Airtable, both PNG and JPEG.

Quick and easy

Just map the related columns and you're done. You can save the same action to run in the future without having to redo all your field mappings.

Send and forget

Images are generated asynchronously. We will place all the images back in your table. That simple! Additionally, you can specify a webhook to get notified when the job is done.

Flexible mapping

Map your Airtable table structure to your template. It works with your existing table.

Webhook support

Optional webhook can be provided to integrate with other third-party integrations like Integromat or Zapier.

Unlimited templates

Design as many templates as you want.

Run and forget

We'll send the images to your table once they are ready. There's no need to wait.

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